Why you should get a .uk.com or .uk.net domain


UK.COM and UK.NET domain names have been used by British companies of all sizes and across all industries for almost 20 years. They combine the UK’s national identifier with the popular “.com” and “.net” ending. This helps to improve consumer trust and confidence and can be found by search engines from anywhere in the world. The good news is there are still lots of valuable keywords, place names and short domains with UK.COM and UK.NET still available to register.




“Tea Party loves having a UK.COM address! Shows we are based in the UK, proud and the .com means…yes, we mean business!! Also sounds rather nice… rolls off the tongue with ease”.

– Samantha Check, www.teaparty.uk.com


“Having a UK.COM web address means that we stand out from the crowd, and as we’re about originality, it is the perfect format for our online presence.”

– Live and Unsigned, www.liveandunsigned.uk.com


Resell with Easynic…

Many people are interested in registering a .UK.COM or .UK.NET domain, and the good news for resellers is that they are available via www.easynic.com

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