Easynic API change

We will be making a small change to the Easynic API on Monday 26th August. There will be no service downtime and we do not expect it to affect your usage of the API. However, if you wish to perform tests before Monday, then the changes have already been made to the test APIs:


What’s changing

If you use the “createDatabase” method in the API (https://secure.easynic.com/com/iomart/easynicWSv2.cfc?wsdl) or the Wrapper API (https://secure.easynic.com/com/iomart/easynicWrapper.cfc?wsdl), there is a new parameter ‘dbtype’ you must pass in. It will default to “mysql5”, but you can specify “mysql4” if you would prefer an older version.

The Easynic Wrapper API has 2 new methods. “deleteFromBasket” which allows you to delete one or more items from your basket and “multidomainsearch” which is simply an alias of “newmultidomainsearch”.

The following calls in the Easynic Wrapper will now return a partial success code of “950” rather than success “100” if it cannot fully complete the request.

  • addMail
  • addMailWithContact
  • addHosting
  • addHostingExtra
  • addHostingWithContact
  • addDserver
  • addDserverWithContact
  • addVserver
  • addVserverWithContact
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