How to record a Skype call


Skype is a fantastic piece of free software that enables you to communication via your computer – by video and voice calls – with anyone in the world who also has an internet connection.

All you need to make a Skype call is an internet connection for your device e.g. PC, laptop, etc, a microphone (an inbuilt one e.g. in your PC is enough), and Skype software installed in your PC. Additionally, if you want to do a Skype video call then you will need a webcam. If you have all of these then you are ready to use Skype – you can start making calls to friends, family, colleagues or business prospects world-wide.

Many people like to record their Skype calls – most commonly for when they are doing interviews. For example, if you run a podcast on your website then you will want to record interviews, to share with your audience.

The two most popular Skype call recording software are: Pamela (for Windows users on your PC) and Ecamm (for Mac users).

For a detailed breakdown on how to record HD Skype calls and interviews, we recommend you watch the video below:

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