The benefits of using a designer reseller package

If you’re a web designer, we’re sure you know all about reseller hosting packages. In case you don’t, they’re hosting packages where you can instantly create a hosting business of your own and sell hosting on to others. When you visit our website to purchase a reseller package, you’ll come across several options; Reseller, Reseller Pro, Partner and Designer. No doubt you’ll notice that the Designer option is the most expensive and are probably wondering why.

Well, the reason is that you get even more from a Designer reseller package than you do from any of the other excellent options we have to offer. As a professional, you’ll appreciate the need to provide your business with the best services available and this is exactly what we’ve kept in mind while putting together our Designer reseller package. We’ve created a quick comparison to let you see at a glance what each package contains.


Aimed at small businesses, the Reseller is the most basic options. It allows you to sell on the hosting to others and generate extra revenue while taking advantage of wholesale prices and minimal fuss. As the package is aimed at start-ups, we’ve kept it simple to keep the pricing low.

Reseller Pro:

Our Reseller Pro hosting package is intended for businesses and developers who register an average of around 250 domains per year. As the number of domains involved is greater, we’ve knocked the prices down even more to make it cheaper for you to use.


When you’re running a larger business, keeping your eye on the ball becomes a more complex, yet equally important task. For this reason, our Partner package will leave you free to deal with your business, as we will manage the server for you. You focus on your customers; we’ll deal with downtime in the unlikely event of it happening.


The ultimate reseller package offered by us, the Designer option has it all. Does unlimited Windows and Linux hosting sound good to you? All you need to do is buy the domains from us and we will host them absolutely free. This has to be a bonus when you’re juggling several sites and ideas at once. Choose between database or non-database hosting, purchase backup and restore options for your end user, use a dedicated server when required by your client… All this and your websites will all be hosted in our most up-to-date clusters.

We hope that this quick guide has shown you just how advantageous the Designer package is for busy designers and freelancers. All of the benefits, all of the support and a very competitive price. As always, our sales team will be delighted to help if you have any queries. Give us a call and we can talk you through all of the details and get you up and running ASAP.

For detailed information visit our reseller hosting pages or call sales team on 0370 757 4400.

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